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Trial Preparation

Always shoot for the edit; Junk in, junk out!

Whether you have bad audio, poor quality picture, hard to see exhibits or just bad framing, these are issues that cannot be fixed in post production. We understand that the best way to shoot photos or video is always at the highest resolution, with the best lighting, the lowest movement and the cleanest audio. Controlling the environment and knowing how an issue will affect a presentation is imparative in correcting the issue before it distracts from the final content. To achieve this we have the highest resolution equipment and editing software. Attorneys and witnesses rarely understand how all the technology will look in the end, shooting over 4500 depostions in the past 15 years we have a pretty good idea. We have seen the good, the bad and the who the heck shot this? Most videographers are still shooting in SD, we shoot everything in Full HD, our Elmo presenters are Full HD and our Video Switchers are Full HD. You can always downsize your video but upscaling simply degrades the video quality. We will talk to our clients and find out exactly what they need and do everything in our arsenal to make sure in the end they have the best and most usable product for their needs, from preparing witnesses to preparing exhibits. Preparation for the shoot will make every aspect of the production easier, smoother and lets our clients concentrate on their jobs. I could be my own attorney in court, but I would choose to hire an expert attorney in that field. We are the experts in our field, let us be a part of your team!

Courtroom Production

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    Our staff will create graphics for both courtroom presentation as well as specific sizing for video presentation. If you plan on showing the jury a video graphic, it should be designed around a 1920x1080 video and have the text often expanded for easier viewing. Using HD Elmo, Computer mixing and specialty graphic designs we can help you show your audience see what you want them to see in a way that is more interactive and keeps them interested during your presentation.
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    Shooting for the edit goes beyond simply taking good video and getting good sound. We shoot everything digital in Full HD and put it all onto editing stations along with a backup off site for safety and redundancy. This helps us be ready when the judge makes a ruling and you need the video the next morning. We understand the realistic nature of courtroom time and do not charge a massive amount for evening/weekend edits and expedited turn around. Call us for pricing, you will be surprised at just how reasonable we are!
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    Video syncing is offered at a low reasonable price with quick turn around. This helps our clients with both courtroom presentation as well as self editing, clips and transitioning into Trial Director, Sanction and Visionary courtroom display software. We offer our clients package pricing which includes hourly and syncing with digital delivery. Call us for questions and pricing.


Courtroom Setup, Presentation and Equipment Rental.
Trial technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years making it easier and more efficient to present your case. Using reliable and professional equipment is a must for any attorney. Although each case is different and requires different presentation tools. We have the knowledge and equipment to support any client needs Our team is at your service and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please contact us with any questions.


We work directly with our clients. We understand that they want to achieve a specific goal. We go beyond what is expected and have the experience, facilities and equipment to show our clients what can be realized through full HD and high resolution presentations.
We always go that extra mile for our clients. Our clients can rest assured that when hiring our team, we will provide on time scheduling, fast delivery and professional services that help our clients organize and prepare for trial.