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Video Depositions

We are a professional video company, with professional videographers, full HD professional cameras, 6 channel mixers with 6+ microphones, backdrops, and extra equipment in case there is ever a technical issue. We arrive 1 hr prior to the legal video shoot, and understand the technology. We have the professionalism you would expect from your own legal staff? Our videographers are trained, certified and have many years of legal video experience. We have the ability to stream our video to anywhere in the US and Abroad. We have the ability to deliver completed video onsite and digitally deliver MP4 full HD within 24 hrs. We keep all media in a secure location for 7 years for easy retrieval and have a digital backup video offsite at all times. Our legal video is mp4 recorded and ready for delivery at anytime. Our rates are extremely reasonable and we have offices available with PIP video onsite and HD elmo exhibit recording for use to all of our clients at no additional costs. We are available to our clients 24 hrs a day and work with our clients every step of the way. We can answer questions both prior to the legal video shoot as well as troubleshoot onsite. Let us help you produce the most amazing trial ready video, so you can concentrate on the rest of the case.

Site & Location Video

Whether you need on site location video, aerial video, or handheld steady professional videography, we are here to meet your needs. We have steadicam equipment and lighting for location video shoots. We have FAA certified Drone pilots for overhead and site video surveys. We have shot legal video in Airplanes doing drop tests, inside prison's, on boats, traffic intersections, vehicle damage videos, equipment test and malfunction videos, construction defect videos, and many many more. We have the equipment and expertise to help with any of your trial video needs. Grant Legal Services would never show up with an ipad and a microphone and a $20/hr employee and expect our clients to hope for the best. At Grant Legal Services no we have video production degrees and decades of experience in shooting Video. That is why we are confident in our legal video services and abilities.

Presentation Videography

Whether you have a paper exhibit, exhibit on your laptop, mri or x-ray on a computer, video from a dvd or laptop, arial photo, testimony exhibit, graphic for a Doctor or other professional, we can show these to the jury using presentation techniques that require simple HD hookup and a video switcher to keep all the video in focus and simple to follow. We understand that a jury can't follow what they have a hard time seeing and understanding. Using HD Elmo's, HD video switchers, and video sources we are able your production clear and concise without losing them in unnecessary camera movement and shaky exhibits.


If our clients require a full HD elmo, a 2 camera hd video shoot, a steady camera operator, use of a 4K overhead drone, or digital editing and syncing, we have the equipment and professionals to get the job done right.
Having been in the legal field over 15 years and shooting over 4,000 legal proceedings you will be hard pressed to find a more experienced legal team than GLS. I wouldn't say we have seen it all, but I can say we have seen a lot!
We have conference rooms setup for streaming and conferencing video as well as the ability to setup in your offices these same services. We strive to provide our clients with the most professional experience and the highest quality product available in our field.


Using Full HD mixers and multiple monitors you can show your media either with your laptop, using a full HD elmo or second overhead 4K camera. The final video is produced immediately so you don't have to edit your footage, simply download your final MP4 or we can send you a USB drive containing your PIP video. SCHEDULE
Using 4K cameras and producing full HD images, we can provide tapeless 1920 x 1080 HD video that can be delivered online or simply on a USB drive. The tapeless process not only saves on media but it gives you the amazing full HD quality that you rely on when showing your witnesses or experts.